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Our Events

Wujhatna Sur
We headed to Sur as our second destination as part of the “wujhatna sopkom” campaign, where we were at My City Center Sur for three days, we met visitors and customers, and we also held a (Sha’baniya) night event on the last day of our stay. The event was crowned with great success, with the presence of the people of Sur and the surrounding areas, and included various segments such as folk dance, singing, and various artistic segments presented by social activist Muhammad Al-Mukhaini.
Oman Exhibition for Real Estate, Building, Construction and Interior Design
This year, we joined for the second time in a row the Oman Exhibition for Building, Construction and Interior Design, which is held annually at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center. It represents a great opportunity for the pioneers of the real estate sector and an opportunity for investors to learn about the latest developments in the real estate market and to identify the companies and institutions present in the market. The exhibition included various discussion sessions on about the field Real Estate field and a presentation of some upcoming projects by different organizations. Sheikh Hazza Al Mardouf, a board member of Wujha Real Estate Development, said in one of the interviews that this event represents an opportunity for convergence and overcoming the challenges facing the real estate market by getting to know the various developers and real estate institutions and by discussing their different opinions to create opportunities, and new dimensions and contribute to the country’s economic growth. The ceremony was held this year under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Khalfan Al-Shuaili, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, and included a group of ministers, Excellencies, CEOs and some participants. This event was crowned with success, which got us looking forward for to upcoming meetings and events.
Omantel Exhibition center
The company was present at Omantel's headquarters for two days to present the latest real estate projects and provide advisory advice to those present, in addition to including special offers for employees to own property, and at the end of the event there was a draw on an iPhone 13. We are keen to continue providing these opportunities to institutions and companies to create new opportunities and introduce the company.
Wujhtna Nizwa
As part of the (Wujhtna Swbkom) campaign, our team went to Sur to introduce the company and raise awareness of the services we have to offer, in order to build the Wujha brand in every city place we visit. Our first stop was Nizwa State, which lasted three days. We were in Nizwa Grand Mall to meet our new customers, and in addition, there was an iPhone 13 draw in the last day, we also had fun offers and gifts for visitors.
Wujha’s yearly gathering 2022
After the achievements and developments careers at all levels this year, we would like to happily relive recall all the achievements and moments we shared at Wujha’s the destination's annual gathering, focusing on upcoming plans for further progress and success. The Ceremony took place at “The Wave Kempinski Hotel”, in attendance of Board members, CEO and staff. We have heard many speeches presentations from board members and conducted training seminars and workshops to strengthen employee relations. We have also enjoyed watching a fun short video that brings us together featured moments and characters from Wujha. one angle Finally, we discussed our work plan for the upcoming new year, which we hope will be a good and hopeful year for us, in which we hope to achieve the desired goals.
Wujha Participated in Bank Muscat’s Baituna Souq
Wujha Participated in the annual ‘Baituna’ souq organized by Bank Muscat in Muscat City Centre. The 3 days event started on 22rd of January 2019 under the auspices of Eng. Siham Al-Harithiya, Director General of Planning and Studies at the Ministry of Housing.
Wujha Hosts Annual Iftar Gathering 2019
Wujha hosted its annual iftar gathering for partners and clients of the company at Kempniski Hotel Almouj Muscat.
Wujha Participated in the Oman Real Estate EXPO
Wujha participated in the Oman Real Estate EXPO. The exhibit was heald at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre under the auspices of His Excellency Sheikh Saif bin Mohammed Al Shabibi the Minister of Housing.
Wujha Exhibit for Ooredoo Employees
Wujha organized a special exhibit for Ooredoo employees at their HQ. The exhibit was to introduce Wujha and its projects to the employees of Ooredoo. At the end of the event, a withdrawal of an iPhone was held for the attendees.
Wujha Celebrates Omani Women’s Day at Laha Mall
Wujha Celebrates the Omani Women’s Day 2019 at Laha Mall. The celebration ceremony was under the auspices of Her Highness Dr. Taghreed Al Said.
Laha Mall, The First integrated mall for Wujha Real estate
Officially we opened “Laha Mall” which considered as the first step in Malls development filed, it covers an area of 5000 square meters, and located in ALKoud Area. The ceremony was held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Saif bin Muhammad Al-Shabibi, Minister of Housing, in the presence of their Excellencies, members of the Shura Council and Social Media Celebrity. The ceremony included a variety of event, where a video was shown and the violinist Tahera Al Balushi played various tracks . At the end of the ceremony, His Excellency and gusts made a tour in the mall
Kick of year meeting
In the context of strengthen relations and evaluate the company’s general plans, the company held an annual employee celebration at the Kempinski Al Mouj Hotel, in the presence of the company’s chairman, CEO, department managers, employees and technicians. It included a review of the work plan for the year 2021 and a discussion of the most prominent achievements in the past year, in addition to a review of the company’s future projects, which require everyone to work as a team to reach the desired goals for the development of the company. A number of training workshops and sessions were also held to enhance communication between employees, in addition to discussing the strategies and future plans of the company and its orientations in the annual plan in the real estate market.