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Vista Residence
Where luxury begins A family life full of sophistication and stability awaits you in Vista, a unique project in the state of Boucher, Muscat, highlighting the importance of the site with its commercial movement. The La Vista is ideally situated on near Oman mall, Oman Avenues and Al Khuwair commercial aria. In addition, it is centered at state of Boucher and the area near the Mohamed Al Amin Mosque, a commercially promising area. The Vista project is located at a lively crossroads, within easy reach of Muscat Highway and Sultan Qaboos Street. The project consists of 56 housing and commercial units of different sizes and high quality finishing in design and manufacturing.
La villa
Your unique modern destination is located in the middle of the Gala heights – Al-erfan that symbolizes the modern state institutions. It is close to the promising Muscat International Airport. Safe and comfortable interaction with the services of the Oman International Modern Exhibition Institute, banks, colleges, hotels and luxurious shopping malls. The project has designed a smart parking lot with 24-hour surveillance , security system and maintenance services. The project consists of 49 commercial housing units in different capacity. We offer you a State of the art experience filled with luxury and modernity.
Misk II
Misk 2 is located in Al Khoudh 7 in the Wilayat of Seeb. Close to Sultan Qaboos University, Al Khoudh Commercial Souq, Muscat City Centre, Sayyida Maizoon Bint Ahmed Mosque and Burj Al Sahwa roundabout; the project is situated within a promising and commercially active area. Misk 2 is located on the main street between Sultan Qaboos University and Al Khoudh commercial souq, with easy access from and to Muscat Expressway and Burj Al Sahwa Roundabout. The project consists of 32 residential and commercial units in varying sizes and high-quality finishing, in addition to the availability of no less than 50 public parking spaces in front of the project.
Danat Alerfan
Dana Alerfan is located in the Alerfan area, Ghala – Bousher which is considered as one of the city’s largest and most vibrant urban development, in line with the vision of Oman 2040, to become the new promising destination of Oman, which will attract residents, visitors and businesses in the heart of Muscat. It¬s vital location mediates many vital facilities such as ministries, banks, Muscat International Airport and Oman International Convention and Exhibition Center. Dana Al Arfan also has several easy and fast access points to Muscat Express Road, Sultan Qaboos Road and Muscat International Airport Bridge, making it a promising area for development and tourism projects. It consists of 90 residential units and 16 commercial units of various sizes and high-quality finishes. It also includes Swimming pool, GYM, playground area and parking spaces in two ground floors dedicated to the owners of apartments and residents beside the outdoor parking.
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