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Zaha is the elite choice of residents and investors who will enjoy privileges that may not be easily replicated. Besides being a unique modern icon in Muscat, Zaha is strategically located in As’seeb state in Mawaleh-South area. Zaha located in the middle of the most important landmarks in As’seeb like Al Sahwa Tower, Lulu Al-Bandar, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat International Airport, Al Mawaleh Vegetables and Fruit Market and Al Sahwah Public Garden. Zaha is also located at a vital crossroads, easily accessible to and from Muscat Highway, Sultan Qaboos Street and Al Sahwa Tower. It consists of 45 residential units and 12 commercial units of various sizes and high quality finishes. It also includes parking spaces in two ground floors dedicated to the owners of apartments and residents beside the outdoor parking.
The Misk project is located in As’seeb stste (Al-Khod 7), close to many important landmarks such as Al-Khod Commercial Market, Muscat City Center, Sultan Qaboos University and Al-Sayeda Al-Jalila Mayzonn Bint Ahmed Mosque, in a promising and commercially active area. Located in a lively crossroads, Misk is within easy reach of Muscat Highway, Sultan Qaboos Street and Al Sahwa Tower. The project consists of 29 residential and commercial units with different sizes, and high quality Italian design and finishing.
Laha Mall
Laha mall consider as the first step for wujha real estate in the commercial investment and the establishment of commercial malls. the mall is designed to be the first destination for modern women in Oman The soft opening for the mall was in the first of august 2019 and the official opening was in 25 of February 2020 The mall is located on Al- Seeb, AlKoudh Commercial area. This area is known for its active commercial traffic and its surrounded by many services. The mall includes 35 vary between restaurants, sport club, and a variety of shops also it includes more than 250 car parking
Taleen project is located in Mawalih South area, and is close to many important landmarks such as Mawalih fruits & vegetables central market, Al Sahwa gardens, Muscat City Center, Sultan Qaboos University, and Rusail industrial city. Taleen Project consistes of 25 unites with different sizes and high quality Italian finishing.
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